Lax: Oh, the cacophony

Just another testament to the pure chaos of lacrosse…

The audience member yelling “NO! Yeah!” in quick succession cracks me up. Well, which is it? Bad or good? It can be hard to tell when upwards of 10 girls are  jockeying for a ball smaller than the ones used in tennis. That’s why you can hear players yelling “ball ball ball”–to assist their teammates in simply knowing its position on the field.

What makes the already difficult nearly impossible is the fact that many players have yellow lacrosse heads to camouflage the ball when they possess it, or circumstances when the field is so muddy that the ball can be entirely submerged in a puddle if dropped (see: Oregon, always.)

But what really kills me is the spectator who says “Thank you! whatever that is… yay for you calling that,” after the referee blows the whistle. This is the kind of loyalty and total surrender of understanding it takes to be a supporter of this incomprehensible sport. I don’t know what you just called, but it was good for my team (…I think…), so I’m going to back it.

The constants starts and stops in women’s lacrosse are one of the most confusing part of the games. Everyone must freeze on the whistle. The refs re-position players on the field based on some hazy metrics for spurious reasons. And while you’re wondering what just happened, it all takes off again.

If you see me in the stands at a lacrosse game, please don’t ask me what the call was, or why they did that… I’m going to let you in on a secret.

We players have no idea 50% of the time. We’re just masters of rolling with the punches (or more often furtive elbows or trips, because the convention is, “what the refs don’t know can’t hurt ’em.”)

*Note: I don’t know how the quality become so poor during upload, but at least it’s functional! I’ll take precautions against such pixelation with my next upload…


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