30 miles to McMinnville


Waiting at the McMinnville-bound “bus stop.” Photo by Gabrielle Nygaard

I made a sound collage to introduce you to my trek from Forest Grove to Portland on the MAX. Sandwiched between those days in the city is my commute to school in McMinnville. I thought I’d step it up and try video to give you a taste of my Tuesdays and Thursdays.

As you might guess, YCTA is no TriMet. This trip’s a horse of a different color—well, besides that on this rural road I actually do pass by a number of horses… as well as buffalo

Good morning moon, Photo by Gabrielle Nygaard

Rather than a transit center or city street, I board the 33 bus at an unmarked spot on the side of the road. The wait for the bus is a strange mixture of twittering birds and rumbling log trucks, but when it’s not raining there’s a nice view of morning overcoming night.

But the bus ride… suffice it to say I’ve been nearly thrown out of my seat when the bus takes a corner more than a few times. The road itself is windy and the bus (there’s only one on this route, so you can go ahead and map out and claim your favorite seat) seems to be a turbulence simulator that as a side effect traverses the highway.

I’m pretty sure there’s some nice views out the window… but it makes me too motion sick to look. On the bright side, it’s dirt cheap—and I get an ab workout trying to steel myself and maintain my vertical integrity on the bumpy ride.

If you talk to me in person, I will probably eat up your sympathy and complain about this ride. But I sincerely am thankful. Without the bus, I wouldn’t be able to live off campus, and thus could not have done my rewarding internship. This semester has also been a good transition out of the college bubble.

So I am thankful. I am. Just… could you pass the dramamine?


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