Spring update: Video postcard

Greetings from the Grove ☀

Let me redeem myself from shaking you up by returning to a more tranquil topic: spring.

Yesterday at 5, I noticed it was suddenly sunny after a mostly grey day, so I grabbed my camera and ran to my neighborhood duck pond. As I suspected, all was picturesque. See for yourself:

(My intention, originally, was to narrate the video… but I found the nat sound, wind and all, much more pleasant than my voice. Enjoy).

If you’re interested, these wetlands are hereabouts, but the street view is quite outdated.

I’ve figured it out, by the way. First come the daffodils, then the cherry blossoms, and straggling just behind, the tulips (with the allergies thrown in somewhere in-between, for us unlucky individuals). Those are the symptoms of Oregon spring.

With every sprout and every sneeze, it’s unmistakable. Spring is here. That means graduation is on the way. And then…

No, let’s not think about that just now. Let’s take this opportunity to appreciate the present.

Deep breaths through those stuffed nostrils, now. Hopefully instead of Dramamine you’re not finding yourself reaching for the Claritin after this post (and no, I’m not being paid by drug companies to throw those out there—but maybe it’s accidental SEO. Ha.)

Happy April ❀


One thought on “Spring update: Video postcard

  1. This is lovely. The placement of the titles helps guide the viewer to the details in the video – that’s a nice touch. Good decision about the audio, too. The nat sound provides plenty of content. Bravo!

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